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Welcome to Developing Coach Collective – a feminist community of coaches (from varying backgrounds and niches) who want to build successful, profitable, sustainable, and socially conscious coaching businesses. 

This 12-month experience will be part mastermind, part co-working, part group coaching / mentorship / supervision, and part professional development. 

If you have ever found yourself thinking “Now What?” in your business, this might be the program for you. It’s been carefully crafted to support coaches in the areas they feel support is lacking post coaching school. 


  • Actually making time to show up like a CEO and focus monthly on reviewing and renewing your business. 
  • Having a Client Attraction Plan that is unique to your context and consistently making time to complete the activities in it. 
  • Learning from incredible guest teachers who will support you in continuing to craft your skills as a coach, learn feminist coaching skills, apply a social awareness to your coaching abilities, and become the absolute best coach you can be. 
  • Having a community of coaches in your virtual corner witnessing you, supporting you, resonating with you, offering different perspectives, and holding space for you.
  • Having two feminist business coaches, Naomi Arnold and Cameron Airen, in your corner for A WHOLE YEAR to ask questions, tackle challenges, sing celebrations, and send SOS flares when needed. 
  • Treating your coaching business like a client where you fully show up regularly, with gentle accountability from your support team, and work ON your business, not just IN your business. 

And imagine all of this at an affordable price.

We hope you are almost as excited as we are! We will be launching some free resources and workshops to help you get started soon – as well as opening our doors to founding members. Please register via the box below to ensure you get updates!

We can’t wait to connect with you soon!


Naomi Arnold & Cameron Airen


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About Us


Naomi Arnold is an award-winning life + business coach, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and researcher with a background in psychology, health and human rights. She helps kind and socially conscious people bring to life the dreams they hold for themselves, their loved ones and the world at large.

Naomi is also the co-creator of the Gentle Business Mastermind, Developing Coach Collective and Conquer Coach Certification Program where she trains and mentors business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches in strategically building successful and profitable businesses in a gentle, socially conscious and sustainable way.

Naomi has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, a life coaching qualification, is currently completing a Master of Human Rights, is certified as a B-Corporation and has completed a number of business and social justice trainings. She has been featured in copious print, radio and digital media sources where she has been referred to as a “local identity”, “shining light”, “megastar”, “gentle powerhouse” and ‘international coach of the year’.

Through her award-winning coaching services and programs, speaking gigs, Dream For Others® podcast and resources, and academic research in human rights – Naomi endeavours to live a life of use to others and to help you do the same.


Cameron Airen is a Feminist Mindset Coach, Mentor & Gender Consultant who helps feminist introverts, empaths and highly sensitive folks feel more confident, at ease, thrive in their life and shine in the world. In addition, she works with solo-entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and creatives to help them integrate next-level gender and social consciousness into their business and work so they can be a part of a growing movement of positive social change.

Cameron has a Masters degree in Anthropology & Social Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. She has 14+ years of experience studying feminism, gender, sexuality and social change.

With a background in counseling, coaching, and fitness, they have over ten years of experience helping clients manage their minds and emotions, connect to and take care of their bodies, and create more powerful change in the world.

Cameron was the creator and host of blog and podcast, Real Feminist Stories, where she interviewed over 70 diverse feminists doing amazing things in the world and having important social justice conversations. She was also the creator and host of the weekly Twitter chat #feministstory, and has facilitated feminist spaces and conversations online, and co-facilitated workshops and programs to help folx get free from patriarchy, gender norms, internalized oppression, integrate feminist and social justice values and beliefs into their business, and connect more to their joy.

Her current podcast, Live A Conscious Life, mirrors her coaching and consulting practice helping folks experience greater freedom in their mind, heart, body and spirit and expanding their awareness of gender and feminism embodying the change they want in their everyday lives.

Cam uses she/they pronouns, and is a digital nomad who works with clients from all over the globe.



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