Cameron Airen is a one of the co-creators of the Developing Coach Collective (DCC) and Feminist Coach Track (FCT). They are also a teacher and will be facilitating a class on Gender, Patriarchy and Gender. You can read more and participate in that class here.

In the meantime though, we wanted to share this old podcast interview with you. In this interview, FCT co-creator Naomi Arnold interviewed Cam on her Dream For Others podcast.

Introducing Cameron Airen:

Cameron Airen helps folks free themselves from gender expectations and norms to explore and own who they are. And she enjoys helping solo entrepreneurs and business owners integrate a feminist lens into their work. Cam is the co-founder of Whole Self Liberation, a movement and resource that helps you integrate social justice and personal growth into your everyday life. She is passionate about interviewing and elevating diverse, marginalized voices for their podcast, Real Feminist Stories, and writing about feminism and taboo topics that we shy away from as a society. Cam has a M.A. in Anthropology & Social Change, uses she/they pronouns, lives nomadically, and is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • 3.25 Sharing personal pro-nouns
  • 4.31 Gender fluidity
  • 6.02 Cameron’s journey into social justice
  • 7.25 Seeing sexism in the home
  • 8.44 Studying gender at college
  • 12.06 Working with clients on body issues
  • 14.06 Female athletes
  • 15.52 How Cameron describes her work
  • 16.37 What does feminism mean to Cameron?
  • 18.04 Intersectionality
  • 19.58 Helping clients be gender and sexuality inclusive
  • 25.31 Gender identity in childhood
  • 28.10 Growing up in heteronormative society
  • 33.12 Exploring your sexuality
  • 37.30 Whole / Self liberation
  • 41.51 Creating a movement based on personal growth
  • 44.55 Internalized oppression
  • 53.01 The connection between society and your mind and body
  • 54.17 Not identifying as an activist
  • 59.28 The role of cis men in social justice
  • 1.02.18 Female emotional intelligence
  • 1.07.10 The next steps for Cameron

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Join Cameron’s class in the Feminist Coach Track where she will teach us about Coaching, Patriarchy and Gender. She will talk about the role that patriarchal gender conditioning play in our lives and work, and how you can move beyond the gender binary. Cameron’s years of academic study and experience with clients will inform their lesson in how such knowledge can be applied to our coaching methodologies, client work, businesses, marketing messages and systems.


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