Lena West is a one of the fabulous Feminist Coach Track (FCT) Teachers and will be facilitating a class on Breaking Free From Bro Culture. You can read more and participate in that class here.

In the meantime though, we wanted to share this old podcast interview with you. In this interview, FCT co-creator Naomi Arnold interviewed Lena on her Dream For Others podcast.

Introducing Lena West:

Lena West shows women entrepreneurs how to discover their inner CEO and leverage that knowledge to build a business that loves them back. She is also the Creator of the CEO DNA Method, a personalized inventory that supports women entrepreneurs to determine their most effective business model and marketing strategy based on their work style, unique energetic blueprint, strengths and archetypes. And, CEO DNA is accurate. Highly accurate.

Before you listen to this episode, go to archetypes.com, complete the little online quiz and discover what your main archetypes are. Write them down, including the percentages, and then come back and hit play. I talk to Lena about this quiz in particular and the insight it can offer to finding your own way of making a difference. If you do that, you’ll be able to relate to that part of the interview and have some context.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • 3.40 Who is Lena West?
  • 4.30 What a CEO is and how we can leverage that?
  • 5.25 How Lena helps people get to know themselves more fully
  • 8.21 The importance of getting clear on what we actually want
  • 11.20 How the CEO mindset can apply not just to business, but to making a difference in the world
  • 13.30 The caregiver archetype: what it means to take care of you before you take care of others
  • 15.30 Some of the distinctions between different archetypes, such as advocates, caregivers, spirituals and explorers
  • 17.20 The power of knowing yourself
  • 19.00 Lena’s archetype
  • 21.35 How Lena’s clients dream for others
  • 24.30 Understanding how much work it takes to hold space for people to make huge shifts
  • 26.05 The various roles we all play in creating social change/Everyone has a different job and we’re all needed.
  • 28.15 The importance of confidence in business and in social justice work
  • 31.00 Energetic hygiene and stepping away from the cause
  • 31.50 Ways Lena works with others
  • 35.05 The growing conversation about using our businesses in socially conscious ways
  • 37.00 Different ways to make a difference/How to make a difference in your way
  • 38.30 The value in just minding your business
  • 43.00 Lena’s advice to other HSP, empaths and introverts to work sustainably to create change
  • 46.00 Teaching people how to treat you
  • 47.40 The power of discernment
  • 51.00 How spirituality shapes the work Lena does/The connection between social justice and spirituality
  • 55.33 What’s next for Lena

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Join Lena’s class in the Feminist Coach Track. In this class, award-winning business coach and founder of CEO DNA, Lena West, will teach members how to free themselves and their businesses from the ‘bro culture’ of business. For too long, we have been socialised to believe that succeeding in business requires acting hardcore and void of feeling. She will discuss how we can be free of this and build a coaching business that loves us.


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