Call Schedule & Resources


This page will host our Call Schedule & Resources as they are created and updated throughout the year. We hope you find them useful.


Please access the Call Schedule via the Events tab in the Facebook group. Since this is a 12-Month Program, please note that not all calls have been scheduled yet and some may change throughout the year. 


These are our Community Guidelines for the private DCC Facebook Group. Having said this, these guidelines are applicable across other spaces in the program – including in our group calls. We therefore invite you to read them regardless of whether you choose to join us in the Facebook group or not.


DCC welcomes people of all or any gendered identity. Please keep in mind that not every member identifies as a ‘woman’ or a ‘man’, or with gendered terms like ‘guys’, ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ so let’s try and keep our language as gender neutral as possible when addressing the group. Other inclusive terms you can use: ‘everyone’ ‘folks’, ‘people’, ‘dears’, ‘badasses’, ‘y’all’, ‘loves’, or make up your own! We hope this cheatsheet will be useful in this area too.